Casual Caterers

with Chef David Perry

About Chef David Perry ...

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, Chef Perry's 35 years in the restaurant/hospitality business are peppered with diverse accomplishments and experiences.

In addition to Executive Chef of some of the finer restaurants in the Annapolis, Wilmington and D.C. areas, Chef Perry has been a consultant and proprietor of a country store and a Bed & Breakfast. Throughout his career, Chef Perry has always honored requests for private catering, and thus in 1986 Casual Caterers was born.


With a special combination of artistry, spontaneity, and culinary expertise, Chef Perry will captivate your guests' attention with his imaginative flare as well as please their palates.

Grilling Marinated Fresh Vegetables

Chef David Perry preparing a Champagne Cascade

Along with his reputation for a unique catering style, Chef Perry is also known for his community work. Presenting "ginger bread house" workshops for under-privileged children and the elderly and giving crab cakes away on Route 50 in support of the "Save the Bay" campaign are just two of the ways he has served the community.

Chef David Perry says, "The only thing casual about my catering service is how relaxed and carefree you'll feel knowing that extra special care is given to all your guests and all the details."

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Uncle David with nieces, Emily and Jessica and nephews, Ben and Nate